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Monday, February 1, 2010

What Not To Wear

Today on the light rail, I was given fashion advice from this guy:

Now, I'm not quite sure if maybe he's secretly the fashion police, but his old school dirty Jordans I guess made his whole ensemble much better than mine.  I should probably preface this conversation with this man by telling you a story about my favorite pair of jeans (even though they're only Fossil brand) that I am wearing today. 
These jeans are pretty thin in terms of material to begin with, so that doesn't help when they're being washed often since I wear them a lot.  But if you don't know, I work in a lab.  I work with acid a lot (no, not THAT kind of acid..I'm talking like Sulfuric acid).  Although I wear gloves, I tend to only wear my lab coat when I'm cold or working with cells.  Hence, I spill acid on my clothes and therefore create my own version of acid-washed jeans.  I figure since it's cool to buy clothes with holes in them, it's OK for me to wear these jeans....but they're actually getting pretty bad.....

yes, I am wearing these today.

But I don't really care...might as well continue ruining the same pair of jeans instead of new clothes, right?  Well not what this guy thought.

Fashion Police: "Damn girl whatchu do to dem jeans?"
Me (slightly embarassed): "I dunno"         (I didn't have coffee again this morning, just so you know)
Fashion Police: "You prolly shouldn't be wearin stuff like dat to work..give people some bad ideas"
Me: "huh?"
Fashion Police: "I ono you gots on a pretty nice Northface rain jacket, pretty sure you can afford a whole pair of jeans and not pieces."
Me: "I spilt acid on them at work."
Fashion Police: "ouch...well it's time for some new clothes. Those jeans just aint doin it anymore."

Thanks man wearing Jordans and a sweatshirt that looks like a spanish pancho.

Just so you know, that lower hole..the one closer to my knee...has gotten bigger as the day has gone on.

Moral of the story: If I ever need fashion advice, I'm asking the man wearing this throwback Brookyln Dodgers Jacket...

...not the man wearing Jordans.

Sorry I didn't have a post on day was crazy at work...and today hasn't been much better.  Have no fear, now you see I've been learning how to take pictures without people knowing.  Hope you all had an equally awesome weekend as I intention was to actually take the rail to House of Blues on Friday night and write a hopefully wicked post Saturday.  But apparently the LR comes every 20 minutes at that time of night. And it was cold.

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  1. A) I have been seriously wondering when you were going to start taking pictures of people on the light rail! -You made my day!
    B) I am pretty sure those are the jeans I like and commented on, on facebook.
    C) Wasn't the moral of one of your past posts (what is the correct term?) NOT to wear your work id on the rail?... just sayin'!