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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gingivitis is not an STD

Today on the light rail, I met a man that probably should've taken my place at the dentist office this morning.

I left early this morning to go to the dentist for my 6th month cleaning (probably the best general dentist out there, Dr. Diana Smith, if you're looking for one).  I love going to the dentist, and it's probably because I have never had a cavity in my almost 24 years of existence.  I had to run across the street this morning to hop on the rail, so the doors nearly closed on me.  And this feller started talking to me.

Hick: "Wooo girl that der door just almost shut on you. You know ders a train comin erry 6 minutes I reckon."

I can't help but notice this man's disgusting teeth.  It looks like his mouth has been plastered in Dental textbooks...

It was actually worse than this..the teeth were not quite straight but I found this picture kind of interesting, although you guys are probably grossed out and X'ed your browser by now..

Me: "I'm just trying to make it to my dentist on time."
Hick: "Whatchu got happntoya today? Ya gunna git sum laffin gas an stuff? Ya got some DE Cay in yur mouth?"
No sir, but you DEFINATELY do.
Me: "No..just a 6 month cleaning."
Hick: "I hate goin to tha dentist. I can't even remember the last time I been. Waste of money. Just gargle some Scope and I'm good."
I want to vomit at this point.
Me: "I love going to the dentist!"
Hick: "Yur prolly tha only one I reckon.  Aint nobody like goin to the dentist. Theys got that loud drill and the gritty stuff they put all over your mouth."
Me: "I've never had a cavity in my life."
Hick: "Well I'll be. You must have some good genes to git away wit dat one."

I didn't want to get in an argument with this man and kind of wish the dental student who got on my stop at McGowen would've chimed in at some point.  I don't know the chick but she was wearing the dental branch scrubs..but she didn't look like she talked to strangers. What a funny coincidence.

The man got off some point before I had to so I thankfully didn't have to look as his rotten teeth anymore.

Moral of the story: Thank goodness I did not have a cavity this morning at the dentist.

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