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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I almost died....twice...

Today on the light rail, I almost died.

The funny thing is, I was going to share a different story from this morning but the ride home was better.


Because the driver is a maniac and I almost died.


I was standing in the middle, checkin out my favorite radio personality's twitter page...not holding on because I want to stay healthy.  And the train did one of those fast stops you're only supposed to do in a car where you slam on your breaks so hard the tires smoke.  I practically flew across the train, fell over and then realized I hit my head on a pole.

Now I have a bump on my head.

Moral of the story: Karma's a b*%ch.

UPDATE: Right as I finished writing this via my Palm Pre, I walked into my apartment only to see my roommate standing there doing laundry and I literally almost had a heart attack (she gets off work way later than me and is rarely home before 6).  So if somebody is doing some voodoo magic tricks on me to kill me, stop it.

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