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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday's delayed and tomorrow will be nada..

Friday on the light rail, I met a really nice man.  Well, it was technically when I was exiting the light rail.

Man: "Where's your coat??? You're too pretty to be cold!"
I don't typically wear a coat in 50 degree weather, I stick with my fleece jacket, but people in Houston are sissies and always wear coats.
Me: "I'm not that cold."
Notice I deflected his compliment because I didn't care to talk to him...
Man: "well I have to get over to the VA hospital but I lost my Qcard so Imma hafta walk the whole way."
Mind you, this man got off the train at Dryden/TMC....The VA hospital is FARRRRRRRRR from there.  I knew what he was about to ask so I just answered the question.
Me: "Well if I had a few dollars, I'd give it to you but I'm sorry sir, I don't have any cash on me."
Man: "Awww that's ok.  You's a good person.  Have a Blessed day."

I'm a sucker for nice people and my issue is if I actually did have cash on me, I'd probably hand it to him.  One time in Austin, this homeless guy (probably early 20s) was begging on the drag.  I told him I didn't have any cash but I'd be more than happy to buy him a slice of pizza.  He agreed at first but when I went into Austin's Pizza he said, "I'm the one that's supposed to be buying you dinner, I can't accept this."  And ran off.

Moral of the story: If you're nice to me, I'll be nice in return.  If you're rude, then I might push you in front of the light rail.

Now, I won't be riding the light rail tomorrow (Monday February 8th) because I have free parking in the med center and I don't want to ride the light rail wearing a suit.  I hope this helps you get through your Monday.'s on.

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