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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"I wish I were big."

Today on the light rail, I was called a baby, a term I have heard more often than not lately.

I couldn't do my morning tweeting or texting because I lost my phone on Friday night (stupid dancefloor and/or bathroom at ei8ht).  I have my old phone, but the keyboard is broken so I have to text the old school way and it takes too long.  So this morning on the light rail, I had no choice but to stand there and do nothing.  And that is what I did.....until homeboy started talking to me.

Homeboy: "You headin to school?"
Me: ""
Homeboy: "Say what? where you don't go to HCC..I thought I seen you get off at that stop..."
Me: "No sir, I work in the med center."
Homeboy: "Say lil mama how old you be?"
Me: "23...."
Homeboy: "Man you's young!"
Me: "But I'll be 24 in 15 days!"
Homeboy: "You is a baby, girl! I actually thought you was like 19 or so...but'm old."
Me: " old are you?"
Homeboy: "29 going on 29."
clearly this wasn't his real age...I'm guessing early 30s...
Me: "Oh"
Homeboy: "You work in the med center and you only 23? Damn you mus be go to college?"
Me: "I graduated from UT in 2008."
Homeboy: "Damn girl. I'd holla atchu but you too smart for me. You prolly all philisophical on me an stuff.  And you's a baby."

I smiled.

This is probably the 5th time in one week that I've been called a "baby".  Evidently when you hang out with ladies and gents pushing 30, you're considered a baby at the age of 23. 

It makes me want to find a machine to wish on so I can turn into Tom Hanks.

Moral of the story: But I'm almost 24........... 

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