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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love Basketball and I'm NOT afraid to admit it...

Today on the light rail, a man brought up a very interesting point that I'm in need of some audience feedback for...

This morning I hopped on the rail to the TMC with a dream in my Longhorn hoodie.
...alright I'll quit with the Miley reference....
So I'm wearing my UT jacket, and usually when I wear this I get a lot of comments, usually because everybody in Texas that is somebody is a Longhorn.  So this man, may or may not be homeless, says "Hook 'Em Horns!"
I smile.
FairWeatherFan: "Hook 'Em Baby. Das wut I'm tawkin bout. You watch the game las night?"
Me: "Unfortunately, no.  I actually missed both the Rockets and Horns play last night."
FairWeatherFan: "Yous a Rockets fan too??"
Me: "Umm we are in Houston."
FairWeatherFan: "Man I aint heard of many girls that actually watch em on TV though."
Me: "Well Hi, I like to watch sports on TV."
FairWeatherFan: "Whatchu watch on TV?"
Me: "I love basketball. I can't wait for March Madness. Not a big fan of the NFL, but I watch it.  College football I watch when I'm not at the game."
FairWeatherFan: "You watch it cus your man makes you?"
Me: " just enjoy it. Me and my brother used to watch Rockets games together as a kid."
FairWeatherFan: "Mannnn.  I aint heard of no girl actually watchin sports without a man twisting her arm.  You's a pretty little thang too.  Pretty and into sports.  Whatchu doin ridin the light rail?"
Me: "I'm going to work in the med center."
FairWeatherFan: "Whatchu do down der?"
Me: "Research. I want to be a dentist."
FairWeatherFan: "Man and you is smart too! Sports and brains. man!"
Me: "Most of my girl friends like sports's not that rare..."
FairWeatherFan: "Man I think you lyin to me. Aint no girl into sports. They supposed to be into fashion and all that."

I laugh...and feel kind of awkward.  We don't say much after this.  Sure, this wasn't a very 'funny' experience on the rail this morning, but it made me want to ask you peeps a question.  When I was a Junior at UT, I had a subscription to ESPN the magazine that I actually read.  It was the first thing any guy noticed when they came to the apartment and their first question was "Who's subscribed to this?!!?" with a little bit of excitement in their voice.

So my question to you today....And I need responses...this is an interactive blog today..I know there's at least 50 clicks on here a I'm assuming at least 10 of you read this a day.

What are you thoughts on straight females having a love for sports or a specific sport?  Guys, does this make you more attracted to them?  Ladies, Do you tend to hide your love of sports for fear the guy will treat you as 'one of the guys'?

And I'm not talking girls that go to sporting events because "everybody does"..I'm talking like Victoria's love for Will Muschamp...or Erin's obsession with watching baseball on TV (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)


  1. I like it when girls are into sports because I am and that means we have that much more in common. It helps down the road too if we plan on hanging out a lot. I am going to be watching them either way so I'd prefer her to be into them as well instead of having to listen to a bunch of complaining. You can easily tell a difference between a girl who really does like them and one who's trying to front.

  2. For sure thought you would have referenced my obsession with college football, but yes...its true...I LOVE Baseball!!!

  3. Hahaha but I can't stand baseball on TV..that's why I had to say that. I love baseball in person, though.

  4. i get distracted watching baseball on tv...too damn long.

    I watch sports on tv. there's too many basketball games to keep track though, so if that makes me a false college basketball lover, so be it. I will watch professional, but dont have a team, and the money takes away from the sport.

    i also shock people, but i think it's because im in ga...and most ga girls go cause everyone does. but i actually know whats going on.

    PS: My dad ran into Will Muschamp's sister in law at Costco this past weekend. The joys of being in GA. next time ill have to get her to get me soem awesome tickets or a chance to meet will and mack!