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Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh when the saints go marching in...

Today on the light rail, I was surrounded by Saints fans chanting "Who Dat" and other ridiculous sayings.

Now, I love sports.  The NFL is a touchy subject...I loved the Broncos for awhile because Selvin was playing.  Otherwise, I like watching the game, but don't care who wins.  With that being said, I can't tell you much of what happened during the Super Bowl because I was too busy eating Cane's chicken fingers and King Cake.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a Saints fan at heart...only because when I was 3 I was on a billboard and in a magazine with this guy:
true story...I have the magazine in my room..

So other than Morten Anderson and the sketch ball that stole the Heisman from VY, I don't know much about the Saints.

I got on the light rail this morning to a man getting off yelling "Saints country, baby! WHO DAT!?!"  And I thought to myself, "Oh No..."

Apparently when it's cold outside, people like to dress in their favorite team's gear.  So there were lots of people wearing Saints jackets and beanies.  And then you had this guy in his throwback Astros gear:

Road Cone (thanks Alex)

Either way, when I stepped onto the rail, there was more "Who Dat?!" chanting and even more people talking about the Saints.

Homeless man: "Man I live fer da Saints. It was like da bes day of my life las Sunday...."
Man wearing Saints Beanie: "It was a good day for us."
Homeless man: "One of dees days Imma get back over der. Ever since Katrina, I been stuck in Htown, yaknowwhatimsayinman"
Saint Beanie: "I hear ya."
Homeless man: "I jus needa find a way back der and it'll be all good all over again."

There was more conversing about the Saints and I began to wonder who cares...the Super Bowl was last Sunday and I was happy it's time to focus on Basketball.  It's almost March.

Moral of the story: If Texas would've won the National Championship, would everybody want to move back to Austin?


  1. heck, when the Horns won in 2005, i moved back to Austin...

  2. haha I knew there was some one out there