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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go girl it's your know you're thirsty....

Today on the light rail, I ran into the big dude from yesterday AGAIN.  He sadly did not recognize me, but I definitely knew who he was.  Now today was even funnier than yesterday. 

Big Dude gets on the light rail with 2 of his friends (no skinny dude from yesterday, I think his wife probably wanted Jack in the crack again...).  One of them walks on with his soundtrack for life playing (that's what Archie used to call it when he walked around with his personal stereo playing daft punk).  The music being played is "OOOOOOhhh baby I be stuck to you like glue..."  In other words, the Bedrock song (which is a personal party fav). 

I start getting into the music, because it is my Birthday and I can do what I want.  The guy changes the song the Say Ahh. If you do not know this song, it's because you're probably too old, so here it is for you:

So of course I'm jammin with the guy sitting next to me.
Rando: "You like dis song?"
Me: "haha only because it's my birthday.."
Rando: "Oh shit! Go's your birthday..."

So this goes on for a little bit and the guy turns his music down because Big Dude's phone rings:
Big Dude: "Hello.....Who is dis?.......Girl how you get muh numba?......I GAVE IT TO YOU??...I musa been on some SERIOUS Crack when I did dat...You should prolly lose this..."

I can't hold in my laughter.  This other guy near me is laughing too.  Then the music man turns back on the Bedrock song.  I can tell this is Big Dude's favorite song when it gets to these lyrics.  They sing in unison:

"Ok I get it,  let me think, I guess it's my turn,  Maybe it's time to put this P-$$y on ya sideburns...He say I'm bad, He prolly right..he pressing me like button downs on a Friday night....I'm so pretty like, be on my pedal bike, Be on my low scrunch, Be on my Ecko Whites....He say Nicki don't stop you da bestest, And I just be coming off the top as bestest."

It was like a gospel choir singing. They were so into it.  All the people around were like "what the heck are they singing..." and only I knew.

Moral of the story: Happy Birthday to me.

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