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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where's that "virtual fence" when you need it...

Today on the light rail, I saw an illegal immigrant.

If you're not from Texas, than you're obviously from an inferior state but that's beside the point.  If you're from one of those Yankee states, there's something you should know about Texas.  "In the annals of history people [in Texas] will remember 3 things...."*

1. George Bush
2. Crappy Border Patrol
3. The Rockets with Hakeem Olajuwon

Now, I'm not saying EVERY Texan is a Bush fan...and I'm not saying EVERY person wants a tighter border (some people have family on the other side, duh)...but I AM saying Texas cops are nuts.

I'm sitting on the rail and a metro police guy gets on. He was a pretty good looking guy...just sayin'.  He starts taking people's Q cards to check them.  Luckily mine works just fine.  The man across the aisle from me was a different story.

KindergartenCop: "Where's your ticket?"
illegal shakes his head..
KindergartenCop: "Do you speak English?"
illegal nods
KindergartenCop: "You do? Then answer me. You can't ride the rail without paying for it.  What, you think you can ride free? Nobody rides free. Everybody else bought their ticket..where's yours?"
illegal seems to be half asleep or on drugs
KindergartenCop: "I need to see some ID. Right there. There's your wallet."
illegal hands him a paper
KindergartenCop: "I need a Texas ID. You don't have one???  You even live here?
illegal mumbles something
KindergartenCop: "Oh we have more issues than you not paying.  Get off at this stop with me.  You don't belong here."

The policeman walked and then yelled at the man to get off the rail.

Moral of the story: Pay your taxes.

Ref.: Virtual fence
*Semi Pro

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