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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I learned to share from Ms. Lacey

Today on the light rail, I fed the hungry.

I also learned something about myself.  Not only do I talk to complete strangers on a daily basis, but I'm way too approachable.

I've always been the person who will talk to a complete stranger in certain situations.  Usually the conversation is started by showing a person a picture of my alter ego.  Lately, the conversation starts with "I blog about public transportation, wanna see?"  This is much better than Curtis' co-worker who uses the line "I have herpes, what do you have?" to pick up girls (true story).  Or last night on the walk home from the grocery store a street man says "SAY! SAY! BABY GIRL! HOOK 'EM!" because I was wearing my favorite zip up hoodie (thanks, Alex.).

But the easiest way to make a new friend is through food.  And unfortunately today, I looked very approachable and had brownies on hand.  I told my boss I'd make his snack for journal club today, so I made 2 batches of brownies last night.  I left the light rail with only 1 batch in hand, it seemed.

I was not wearing sunglasses this morning, so I guess that's a clear indication it's OK to talk to me.

Hungry Man: "Those brownies sure look good. How much you sellin them for?"
Me: "Oh they're not for sale.  They're for my boss."

long pause

Hungry man to hungry man's friend: "Look at her, hoggin all those brownies when we ain't eaten since last night and they delicious."
Yep...that hit a nerve....
Me: "Would you like one?  I can spare a few..I made extras..."
Hungry Man & Friend: "YAH!"

Like savage beasts, they each grab a brownie.  Hungry Man thought it was perfectly acceptable to tell his friends.
----side note for John G-IdontrememberhowtospellyourlastnameIjustknowthereisaZinit: One of the men was wearing this hat AND I knew the Bruins are a hockey team.....any consolation??---
So the Hungry Man, his friend, Bruins guy, and a lady eat half of the brownies for Journal Club this morning before I even get to work.  Great.

Moral of the story: If you give a hungry man a brownie, he'll want to invite his friends over and they will eat the whole batch.

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