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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

Today on the light rail, a little girl called out an obese person.

She was the cutest little girl. She was about 4 years old and had her hair in braids and these cute black thick framed glasses on. She was riding the rail to the med center with her parents (I know this because they got off at my stop). She was a very curious girl and kept standing up from her seat, only to annoy her Dad, of course. She looked over the seat at me and I smiled. She giggled and tried to know the little game of hide and seek you played with the people behind you in church when you were a kid.

Across the row from me was a very large woman. I mean LARGE. I mean, the kind of person that would probably need to pay for two seats on an airplane. It's difficult to judge adults with obesity because sometimes it's a disease that may be the cause. Either way, the little girl kept staring at the woman. The woman raised her large marshmallow hands to wave at the child. The girl had this priceless disgusting look on her face. Her mom was on the phone and she kept tugging on her "Mommy...mommy..mommy!!"
Finally her mom said "WHAT?" (reminded me of my own Mom...don't interrupt her when she's on the phone).
Girl: "Look at that fat lady." and pointed to the woman.
Mom: ", That's rude!"
Girl: "But mommy she's sitting in two seats and there's people that don't have any seat."

My Thoughts? WORD.

The Mom is back on the phone laughing to her friend about what her daughter just said. The girl just keeps staring at the large woman. The woman wobbles off at the next stop...and everybody nearby that heard the loud child busts out laughing. I try to keep my cool and continue my usual morning texting, but can't help but chuckle.
Moral of the story: Kids will say what adults are too afraid to. I wish more of them rode the light rail.

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