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Monday, January 25, 2010

Doodoo doo doo doo Inspector Gadget

Today on the light rail, I met inspector gadget.

Timeout...I google imaged "inspector gadget" and this came up:

What the heck? If you're a giants fan, I'm punching you in the face.

Moving right along...this man had a trenchcoat on.  And he had the same long face as inspector gadget.  The cartoon, not the one starring Matthew Broderick.  First of all, I didn't know people still wore trenchcoats.  It seems like a very "flasher" thing to do.  I may think that because my grandma used to have this light switch cover in her bathroom that typically freaked me out.  It was a "flasher" in a trenchcoat and the light switch was...well, use your imagination.

Either way, this trenchcoat made my new friend look a bit mysterious.  The best part was he had the awesome hat on too.  I was hoping he'd pop out with springy legs to go save the world.  Or maybe, just maybe, he had a watch that played his own theme song. 

I didn't talk to him...mainly because I can't find my voice.  I lost it sometime in the middle of the night.  So I sat there with my new sunglasses on staring at him, because I could.  Oh and btw, I reunited with my tranny friends from last week on the rail.  Today they were wearing clothes from Hollister. 

Moral of the story: Don't wear trenchcoats unless you are inspector gadget...or I guess if you're hot like the Manning brothers. (sorry Jets fans)


  1. Definitely had to go and google Inspector Gadget myself after this one; just to ensure I had the correct visual! haha Have you ever thought of secretly take pictures of these people and posting them? ...just a thought.

  2. yeah and today I had a good shot of the trannys...but I don't want to get beat up if they find this. I'll grow a pair soon. And you don't know what inspector gadget is?!?! You darn brits...