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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not just a short temper...

Today on the light rail, I met the opposite of yesterday-Mr. Type A.

It was a quiet morning on the rail today. The train was full of what I like to call "normals" (aka taxpayers). Normals tend to be boring and mind their own business. I like sitting by normals on mornings like today when I'm too tired to function.

I got onto the lightrail and stepped up to the elevated rows (my seats of choice) and sat down next to what appeared to be a businessman. He resembled my friend Greg. They're both gingers, dress well in terms of work clothes, frantically play with their new droid phone, and this man had a simiar peacoat as my friend. So since I thought I'd feel comfortable around him, I sat down with my coffee mug in my hand.

Ginger: "you're not gonna spill that are you?"
Me: "excuse me?"
Ginger: "Well this is an expensive coat and I'd prefer you not drink coffee by me in a moving vehicle."
Me: "ok"

I put my coffee mug in my lap and closed the lid. I did my usual morning texting/twittering. Sometimes I laugh when I read funny stuff.

Ginger: "Do you think you can sit over there in that empty row?"
Just as he says that, somebody enters the train and sits in said row.
Me: "I'm sorry, but am I bothering you?"
Ginger turns his head back to his Droid. He makes this mocking voice under his breath. I continue to think of how this man is cross between my dad and my friend mentioned above.

Finally, my stop...our stop. I get off the train first but stop to let somebody pass. And then it happened...Mr. Type A-tough-guy-businessman-i-hate-girls-that-drink-coffee walked past me at the height of 5'1".

And I laughed out loud.

Moral of the story: I guess Lee Brown forgot to install the "you must be this tall to ride" signs to the platforms.

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