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Monday, January 11, 2010

That's not my name...

Today on the light rail, I met prince charming (if Disney based Princess movies on public transportation, that is). 

The rail was crowded today since it is, once again, below freezing in Houston (wish I was still in Cali).  I stepped on the light rail looking for a seat so I could catch up on reading some stuff for work.  No seats.  A man stands up and says "You can have my seat!"
I politely reply "No thanks, I can stand."
man: "C'mon nahhh, I'm offering you a seat, you should take it."
I nod my head No and continue reading my twitter feed on my phone.
man: "Was yo name?"
Random aside: I always make up names on the light rail. Today I chose Lauren because I happened to read interesting twitter posts from my friend Lauren two seconds before this conversation. If you're reading this, chances are I've used your name before....even if you're a guy...
Man: "Well, Lauren. I'm jus tryin to show you that there are still gentlemen out in this world. Not very many, but I'm one of 'em."
I laugh and notice a seat open up across from him...not thinking of how rude it would be to decline his seat and take another, I sit down.
Man: "Thought you was gunna stand?"
I smile.
Man: "Ya know chivalry ain't coulda jus sat here and not been all INDEPENDENT (he spits as he says this word with so much emphasis)"
I smile again.
A few stops go by without him talking to me.  I begin to play with my work ID tag (worn attached to my pant pocket)'s one of those fun cord ones that you can pull in and out.  It's a nervous habit of mine.  It's time for my stop...I stand up with ID in hand (because I'm still playing with it).
Man: "I thought you said your name was Lauren???"
I ignore him, put my sunglasses on and stand by the door hoping it opens soon.
Man: "mannn you lie to me bout sittin down and bout your name...can't get no mo rude den dat."
I think about turning around to say "have a nice day" but instead I'm kind of embarassed and exit the rail.

Moral of the story: Never wear your ID badge on the light rail.

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  1. You did quite a phenomenal job typing out the conversation! I can actually hear this "gentleman" speaking! Not only was he "gentlemen" that points out your 'rudeness' but was also obviously breaking every rule of linguistics!