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Monday, January 4, 2010

"My album drops soon"...

Happy New Year! Oh how I missed the light rail this long weekend!

Today on the light rail, I met Ludacris. Or at least a man wanting to be ludacris/some other rapper/hip hop artist (whichever is the correct terminology these days). I say Luda because I'm not very educated on "rappers". This man was singing rap songs out loud...he did not have any headphones or anything on...he was just trying to entertain people as we head to work or the soup kitchen. I couldn't recognize his songs, so he may've been "flowing", but I do remember some of his lyrics (WARNING: not suitable for children):

"....Make ya a$$ pop as I blow up in yo face...."

"...You look so yummy Imma eat chu like chocolate cake..."

"...Big ole titties bouncin, big ole booty jigglin outcha pants..."

And that's only the begining...some of the other lyrics I don't feel comfortable typing. Then I caught him humming the tune to "How Low" and under his breath saying "how low can you go". I almost got into the song for a second because coincidentally it's been stuck in my head since Wednesday night.

The moral of the story: It's healthy to drink your morning coffee with explicit lyrics.

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