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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lightrail Lessons in Love #1

Today on the lightrail, I realized I should write a book about all the love advice I receive from my fellow lightrail riders.

It's a rainy day in Houston, much different than the beautiful weather yesterday (of which I spent watching a Hockey game at a Canadian Pub, eh).  So naturally, I started my morning off a little on the grumpy side, until I stepped onto the rail.

LoveDoctor: "Say girl. Say! SAY!"
I have a confused look on my face until I realized he was talking to me.
Me: "Me?"
LoveDoctor: "Yeah you. Whatchu got yo ring on the right hand for? Wake up on da wrong side of the bed or somethin?"
I'm once again confused with what he's talking about.
Me: "Huh?"
LoveDoctor: "Yo ring..girl c'mon you knowwhati'mtalkinbout"
Me: "Oh no this is my college ring...see?"
I hold my hand out for him.
LoveDoctor: "Oh hahaha. You not engaged?"
Me: "No!"
LoveDoctor: "I was gunna say, girl who you tryin to trick.."
I laugh a little and feel a little awkward at the same time.
LoveDoctor: "You know, if he liked it, he woulda put a ring on it.."
Me: "Isn't that a song?"
LoveDoctor: "I'm jus messin witchu.  Girl lemme tell you sumthin. You's a catch and any guy should be lucky to have you."
Me: "You..don't even know me?"
LoveDoctor: "But I can jus tell. Sumthin boutchu. lemme give you some advice.  Don't be chasin dem boys..let dem chase after you, because da one that runs the fastest is the one you gunna marry."
I don't quite understand what he's trying to say at this point, to be honest with you.
LoveDoctor: "Jus be patient and you'll get a ring on your other finger someday. Imma tell you that much. It'll happen."
Me: "Huh?"
I don't think this man quite understands who I am......
LoveDoctor: "Just you wait."
I wish my phone wasn't dying since I didn't have my charger at my parent's last night so I could be texting right now....

I end the awkward conversation with the man once I decide to move to the other side by the other doors to let people out.

Moral of the story: I prefer my fortune to be told in the form of a piece of paper that falls out of a cookie.

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