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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For the love of Sidd

Today on the light rail, I saw Sidd Sinha's twin.

If you don't know Sidd, you probably want to stop reading this because you won't think this is funny.  And you're probably wondering why I don't have a picture of this kid...well I couldn't get a good angle, but he's a picture of Sidd and I swear the guy looks exactly like him:

The guy even had the same goofy drawstring backpack Sidd used to carry around.

 just like the one you wore to swim practice when you were a kid..

I was in shock and wanted to ask him if his name was Sidd, but figured that may have come out a bit of a stereotype..or whatever the other word I'm looking I just didn't talk to him....until I had to ask him to move when I was getting off the light rail.

Moral of the story: Yes I just wrote a blog about seeing somebody that looked like somebody I know.

***Pretty soon will be up and ready....well it is TECHNICALLY up, just not ready to start using it just yet..have to make a few changes and all that.  I'll keep you POSTED on the progress (see what I just did there?).***

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