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Friday, March 12, 2010

It's March. And it's Texas. Duh.

Today on the lightrail..........dammit not ANOTHER post about the weather!

I'll spare you the conversation I had today about the weather.  The brief story:
Man complains about Texas weather.
Katie giggles.
Man says he'll be shedding his jacket in an hour.
That's why Katie didn't wear a jacket.
Man says he's from Florida and likes the sun.
Katie likes the sun too.
Man asks where Katie's from.
Katie says Houston.
Man mistakes Katie as a student.
Katie corrects him and points out the fact she has a college degree.
Man makes a point to compliment Katie's sunglasses.
Katie smiles.
Man rambles more about the weather and girls wearing less clothes.

Katie takes this picture of homeless man while man #1 is talking:

Because every homeless man needs a Lightning McQueen stool to carry around with him.

Moral of the story: You only talk about the weather when there's nothing else to talk about...think about that the next time you're talking to a real friend and not a'll realize how boring you are.

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  1. the light rail seems so much more interesting than just plain riding the bus... I ride the 219 daily to work downtown, and I never have these fun filled things happen to me.. I'm jealous