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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lighrail Lessons in Love #2

Today on the lightrail, I was given love advice again that I did not ask for.

I took an earlier train to get a head start on work today....yeah, that doesn't sound like me at all, now does it?  I found a seat in the handicap designated area (there were no wheelchairs and nobody would sit down so why not take a seat??).  This woman had a baby in a stroller.  The child was adorable and kept staring at me (All my HDFS classes at UT said that babies stare at pretty faces...thanks for making my day, baby on the lightrail.), so naturally I did the smiling and waving back at the child.  This was a bad idea, as it started a conversation with the man next to me.

Dr.DrewWannabe: "You got any kids?"
Me: "Nonononononono"
Dr.DrewWannabe: "Was a matter, you don't want none?"
Me: "I'm too young..and I'm not married,"
Dr.DrewWannabe: "How old you?"
Me: "23..I mean 24"  (yeah..I still forget..)
Dr.DrewWannabe: "haha..You ain't too young..and you don't gotta be married to have kids!"
Me: "Uhhhhhhhhhh I beg to differ."
Dr.DrewWannabe: "Imma tell you sumthin.  You like kids?"
Me: "Well yeah.."
Dr.DrewWannnabe: "Then don't let anybody hold you can have kids. Better to have 'em young so you can chase 'em round and stuff.  If you in love, that's all you need to make a baby.  Baby's are beautiful things and ain't nothin better than holding your baby in your arms."

I smile at the man and wish the woman with the stroller could get off the train so I could move.

Dr.DrewWannabe: "But you gotta be ready to have kids.  You gotta be in love. Don't listen to nobody sayin you gotta have the money for them. You just gotta have love fo yo man and fo yo child."

WOWOWOWOWWOWOWOWOWOOWOWWOWOWOWOW. I could get into a political rant right now, but I'll refrain and hope you all now know that people do, in fact, think this way. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW.

Dr.DrewWannabe: "Is all about love."

I obviously stop talking to this man for a number of reasons:
1) He told me to have a child out of wedlock ON PURPOSE.
2) He thinks as long as your in love the world will fall into place.
4) He had bad breath.

Moral of the story: So this is why MTV has a show called "16 and Pregnant"........

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