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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Light Rail epic FAIL

Today on the light rail, it is super crowded.
SEE what I mean??

Yes I'm blogging from the light rail so excuse the grammar mistakes.

First of all, I waited 10 minutes for the train to come.  You can imagine all the restless people waiting with me.  Then when I'm finally on, the stupid driver is all like "you know dis train aint gunna move till you all clear tha do way".  Then we sit at the stop for 5 minutes when she finally opens the door and a man by me says "f this, I'll go for the next one." and gets off.

That's ok and all, but the next train will be just as full.

Moral of the Story: Not my fault if I infect all these Houstonians with influenza...Metro should have more double car trains.

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