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Monday, March 15, 2010

Metro Lightrail: 0......Metro Bus Driver: 2

Today on the light rail, I was forced to inhale the stench of people at the end of the day.  You know that smell...people have been working in construction or in the hospital all's like a mixture of body odor, sick people, and dirt.

Yes, the lightrail was packed..and I even left work before 5.  I was standing next to a group of people complaining about how crowded the train was today.  Apparently, a train and a bus collided today.

For the second time in a matter of weeks.

At the same exact spot.


And I thought the people riding the train were crazy, I suppose the drivers are just as bad.

^video footage from the first crash in early February^

So naturally, I come home and look up the story on the internet (can be found right here: and I check out some of the comments below the post., thinking maybe I can make some new friends, you know public transportation loving friends.
My favorite is from ElGuapo1, "And Metro wants to put additional rail lines on our streets? Stop the insanity!".

oh and this one from Multi: "Ah yes, the Tooterville Trolley causes another wreck. I wonder how many had to be taken away in an abulance with the lawyers following close behind!" (no I did not spellcheck these people's posts)
Redbiker98 had this to share: "Again? Trains should not share the roadways with cars, period. This is only going to get worse wit the new lines going in."

The comments go on and on and on...people calling the lightrail a "toy train" that apparently "nobody rides".  So here's what imma do.  Imma get on my soapbox real quick ya'll because if Kanye can do it, I can do it.
  1. It's the metro bus drivers at fault here, not the lightrail.  I would never ride a Houston city bus...gross.
  2. How can you say "nobody" rides the lightrail when every day I take it to and from work and most of the time it is nearly full, ESPECIALLY in the afternoon.
  3. People that comment on are the rich white folks that have the huge houses in river oaks that think the lightrail makes Houston trashy.
  4. Sure the lightrail cost a lot of money to build and sure it was seemingly pointless at the time but how else would the drunk young professionals living in midtown get to the rodeo? Do you want drinking and driving accidents too? I didn't think so.
  5. Don't dis the lightrail until you ride it, punks.

Moral of the story: I will now leave you with my favorite quote from user Lastplace: "Eyewitness said bus driver was seen eating a big bowl of dumba$$ right before the crash."

Oh how I love Houstonians.

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  1. I wasn't disparing lightrail. I'm all for mass transit, even though it's non-existent up here in Cy-Fair. I was tryint to get across that the trains should not be sharing the roads, instead they should be elevated like Chicago and Miami, or underground like Los Angeles and New York.