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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My friend Bo

Today on the light rail...well, it was actually on the light rail platform where I wait for the train to come....a familiar looking homeless man approached me to have a conversation.  I say familiar because I feel like I know this man.  I don't know his name, but I see him every so often on this particular platform.  We have similar conversations every time we meet, but clearly this man does not remember who I am.  We'll call him Bo, because that seems like a typical homeless man's made up name.

So Bo approaches me (walking right past the pay station) with his usual "Good morning!"
I politely reply, "Morning." and get right back to my "bee-boo-bop-boo" on my cell phone (as my roommate calls it).
Bo: "You doin that text message thing? It's like writing a letter, huh?"
Me: "I'm actually checking my Facebook."
Bo: "Facebook? I aint never hearda no facebook...when I was yur age we jus wrote love letters to our girlfriends. Aint no text messaging or facebook."
Me: "That's nice."
Bo: "Yuh nowadays you cant even talk to a real person..always talking through a computer..I aint cool wit dat, yaknawhati'msaying?"
Me: "Yes sir, I know what you are saying."  (bonus points if you catch the south park reference..the man did not)

Luckily, the train came and I didn't have to talk to Bo anymore.  But once again, Bo steps on the light rail without ever buying a ticket or swiping his Q card.  He's done this before...and one time there was a cop checking tickets.  His excuse "ah naw sir, I was too busy talking to that pretty little lady over there I completely forgot to get a ticket.."  He was pointing at me.  The cop made him get off at the next stop and buy a ticket real quick...which he did.

Bo was fortunate this morning as there were no cops.  He got a free ride to the soup kitchen and a free conversation with a girl he doesn't remember having the same conversation with multiple times before.

Moral of the story: Write love letters instead of text messages.


  1. great blog! very original... you should do this everyday!!! A++

  2. Awesome! I guess those love letters went to his bottom bitch and not those other you know what I am saying?